Group Classes

Choose the class that suits you best.

Adult Ballet is challenging but fun. Ballet incorporates strength, flexibility, control, balance and concentration all tied up in grace and creativity. It stimulates mind and body to beautiful music. No previous dance training is required for this class.

Exer-sighs! is a low impact ‘aerobic-style’ class including easy dance moves, light aerobics, strengthening and flexibility exercises as well as balance and co-ordination. Some mat exercises included.

Mindful Motion includes Pilates, ChiBall , tai-chi and relaxation. This class focuses on posture correction, balance, joint health and muscle tone. Great for those who have not been doing regular exercise recently or who are recovering from injury. Many of the exercises are done lying or sitting on the floor.

Length: classes are either 1 hour or 1 hour 15 mins (check timetable)
Wear: comfortable, stretchy clothes, sandshoes (for Exer-sighs! class), ballet slippers or socks (Ballet)
Bring: large towel and bottle of water; Pilates mat (for Exer-Sighs! and Mindful Motion)
Cost:  Daytime: Exer-sighs! and Mindful Motion $20.00
           Evening: Adult Ballet and Mindful Motion $25.00

City East Community Centre sets their own fees. Please check on their website




Download Pre-Exercise Screening Form and Medical Consent Form
to bring to your first class.